SolidSmack: It’s Mathcad, The Free Version and It’s Available… For Free

solidsmack ptc mathcad express

Josh Mings of SolidSmack recently wrote up a nice piece on PTC Mathcad Express, PTC’s newest release of Mathcad software. Hear what Mings has to say:

“The free version is called Matchcad Express. You can download it direct by clicking THIS. You’ll find that it’s actually the full blown, function-punching version of Matchcad. You get to use it free for 30-days. After that, it turns into the Express version, limited to equation editing, basic functions/operators, units and x-y plots.”

Read the full article here for more of the story and lot’s of pictures or try PTC Mathcad Express now.

About Anna Giangregorio

Anna Giangregorio has been working in PTC’s marketing department since May of 2011 supporting a variety of different programs in North America. When she isn’t in the office, she likes to travel, walk her dog, and carry on with her quest to find and sample the best Buffalo Wings she can get her hands on. To see more social media posted by Anna, follow her Twitter handle @AnnaG_PTC.
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