Psst… PTC is Giving Away Mathcad Express. Pass it on. PTC Mathcad Express

Recently Rick Stavanja of wrote a blog post titled, “Psst… PTC is Giving Away Mathcad Express. Pass it on.” In this blog post, Stavanja explains what PTC Mathcad Express is, what the functionality includes, and what his take on it is. Here’s an excerpt from his blog post:

“There are a couple different aspects to this news that caught my attention. The first is the functionality itself.  Although a few engineering software vendors have gone the freemium route and given away tools that empower tremendous capabilities (e.g. SketchUpDraftSight), the vast majority don’t.  For them, it’s free viewers or limited availability time-sensitive demo versions.

In this case, the capabilities of Mathcad Express make it possible to use it within production workflows of Mathcad Prime documents.  It can both create new Mathcad Prime documents, and edit existing ones.  Review and markup of engineering notes can now be done directly by team members without access to a full Mathcad Prime license.  This sets it apart from the free tools provided by many other engineering software vendors. I think PTC deserves applause for this.  Let’s hope this sets a precedent that will catch on.”

Read the full article here or try PTC Mathcad Express here.

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