Mathcad Virtual Event: Meet the Training Experts

If you are planning to attend Mathcad Engage 2012 , PTC Mathcad’s Virtual Event on November 7th, you should definitely make sure to swing by the PTC University booth to check in on the latest news around Mathcad Training. Learn today who you will meet at the booth!

November is just around the corner and we are getting more and more excited about hosting Mathcad Engage 2012. As we told you in a recent post, we will have a designated booth for PTC University where you can learn all about the various training options for Mathcad.

However, you certainly want to know who you will be talking to there, right? So here is a quick introduction of Sandy Smith and Mark Goguen, who will both be there for you during the event.

Sandy Smith

Sandy holds an MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and has been working with — and training! —  new as well as existing users of Mathcad since 1991. She joined PTC more than 5 years ago and writes content for PTC University’s Mathcad training course offerings.

Meet Sandy at the PTC University booth at the Mathcad Virtual event

Meet Sandy at the PTC University booth at the Mathcad Virtual event. Click on Sandy’s image and register now!

Mark Goguen

At PTC, Mark manages a small team that works to support training and user adoption-type services across North America. In his role, he supports the entire portfolio of PTC University offerings and counsels existing and new users of the PTC products on the best training options for them. Mark has been with PTC for more than 2 years now and looks forward to talking to you live!

PTC University Mathcad Training

Meet Mark at the PTC University booth at the Mathcad Virtual event – Click on Mark’s image and register now!

As always, feel free to post any pre-event questions below or check out for more information on Mathcad training!

Talk to you soon!

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