New eBook Highlights PLM Key Success Factors

If you’re following the new Strategy section of this blog, you’ve seen a set of posts teasing out data points from a study on PLM key success factors conducted by PTC Global Services and independent analyst firm Tech-Clarity.

A new eBook, High Performance PLM: Key Success Factors for PLM Strategy, Implementation, and Adoption, now pulls together the most important data from the study.

The data suggest that four key success factors distinguish high performers in PLM from the rest of the pack:

  • Strategic business alignment
  • Process-based solution design
  • Reduced customization of PLM software
  • Comprehensive, role-based learning and adoption

Most executives understand that each of these can be important contributors to PLM success. But the practical reality is that the companies that actually follow these approaches in detail achieve business results far greater than those which take shortcuts in PLM planning, implementation, and adoption.

In fact, the high performers in the survey achieved results five to ten times greater than the others in the top three business metrics: improving time to market with new products, increasing product development efficiency, and reducing product cost.

To get the full story, download the eBook today. And if you think it’s useful, please pass it along!

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