Owner’s Manual Mistake Leads to Auto Recall

The ultra sleek design of the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S is growing popular among sports car enthusiasts and demand for these vehicles continues to rise steadily.

Add to that excellent handling and top performance at a budget-friendly price and all the right ingredients for a successful product launch are there.

Except… that small misprint in the owner’s manual. Due to an improper description, close to 3,000 Scion and Subaru cars are now being recalled.

The timing is a real shame given that the sophisticated model is such a hit and there’s nothing actually wrong with the car itself.

This emphasizes just how significant technical (service) information is in the larger scheme of the product lifecycle. There’s more to a product than just its design, manufacturing and sales – there’s also the very crucial serviceability component.

Aftermarket services is the piece that will ensure that your customer’s investment is long-lasting, that their expectations have been met and exceeded, and that you as the manufacturer have delivered on the promise of quality, safety and continuous value and improvement.

An holistic approach to product and service lifecycle management creates exactly this type of environment in which product, service and the overall enterprise are seamlessly linked through a single hub of information and connected processes.

The result? Great products, service AND performance.

How does technical (service) information play a role in your company? Does it contribute to the success of a product? What efforts are you making to ensure manuals are accurate and up-to-date?

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