12 Things You Should Never Say to an Engineer

Let’s start the week off with some humor.

PlanetPTC Community‘s running a survey to figure out the most annoying things people say to engineers. And here’s the best so far:

1. Why not? All you have to do is…

2. Can you JUST cast your eye over this drawing?

3. You have to design it this way. We already sold it to a customer.

4. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours (Substitute days, weeks, months)

5. With your new CADCAM, it should be automatic, right?

6. We need those drawings asap

7. Are you busy?

8. I know this is not technically possible but…

9. Did I forget to mention…?

10. Why did you put that there?

11. Can’t you just move everything back to the way it was?

12. What if…? (Uh oh! here it comes)

What’s guaranteed to get your goat?

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