Mathcad at PlanetPTC Live

PlanetPTC Live

Sunday, June 3rd kicks off our annual PlanetPTC Live event.  This year it is located in Orlando, FL, and promises to be an informative three days.  Mark Walker, Director of Product Management, is presenting on Mathcad on Wednesday, June 6th at 12:45 pm.  In his presentation, Walker will discuss the analysis driven design with Mathcad.

Walker assures that by the end of his presentation, the audience will be confident using Mathcad products.  Users do not necessarily need to know Mathcad to understand Mathcad documents because the program uses standard mathematical notation.  The document-oriented approach will allow users to feel comfortable using the program.  Walker will discuss his hopes for a Mathcad Prime 2.0 and Creo 2.0 integration.  “We’ll be reviewing Mathcad’s power in addressing common engineering challenges – and how Mathcad Prime will soon work more integrally with other PTC applications to further facilitate this,” he says.

When using Creo, users will be able to refer and relate to the external Mathcad sheet.  The Mathcad worksheet will be able to pull the calculations data from the models being created in Creo.  The program will then be able to feed back results from the Mathcad worksheet that gets fed back into Creo, reducing rework and errors.  Once it is done, it is there permanently.  This feature will allow junior engineers to work with confidence, which will ultimately boost productivity.  Walker will note that the changes made in the Mathcad worksheet will also appear in Creo.

Walker’s presentation will inform audience members on how easy it is to use Mathcad.  The system can validate the information, establish accurate models, resolve uncertainty early, and maintain traceability.  Mathcad proves to help users generate accurate information easily.  By the end of Walker’s presentation, the audience will see that with Mathcad, users will save time and be able to put higher-quality products into the market faster than before.


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