New Study Reveals Risks to Apparel Supply Chain

Retail companies are well aware of the risks and variables associated with the apparel supply chain. And the last couple of years have been tougher than usual, with rising cotton costs ($1 per lb in late 2010) and shipping costs, along with labor wage increases in Bangladesh, China and India.

A new report out this month, “Risk analysis of the apparel supply chain in 2012” from, looks at the pros and cons of doing business in different regions around the world, including the cultural, linguistic, climatic, political and economic factors at play in global sourcing.

The study ranks regions in terms of ease of doing business, political stability and the prevalence of corruption. It also investigates the growing importance of corporate social responsibility and environment issues.

Take a look at how the apparel industry is meeting the demands of ‘fast fashion’ and learn why it’s so important to keep close watch over your supply chain—from design to delivery.

If you’re a supply chain manager, sourcing apparel garments and materials, or analyzing and forecasting risk scenarios and trends, this study is a must-read.

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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