Mathcad Licensing – Part 3

As promised before, we continue to strive for an improved installation and licensing process for Mathcad, and Prime 2.0 contains some significant enhancements that will make it much easier to get up and running. First and foremost, any purchased version of Mathcad is once again activated by a simple product code. Once you log in and provide this code, we have everything we need to be able to generate the proper license file, and deposit it in the correct location on your computer.

Let’s walk through the Prime 2.0 License Wizard in a few simple steps. After initial installation, upon opening Mathcad you’ll see a License Status button:

Mathcad title bar (

When clicked, the License Status button opens the Mathcad License Options dialog box. This screen presents you with vital information on your license and gives you 3 options to proceed. You can 1) Get Trial License, 2) Get License, or 3) connect Mathcad to a license server within your organization.

Mathcad install screen (

If you have purchased an Individual license, click on ‘Get License’. This will open the Mathcad License Wizard. The first screen welcomes you:

Mathcad installation Welcome screen (

The next screen asks you to log in to If you haven’t already created a account, follow the ‘If you don’t have a PTC.COM account, you can create it here’ text:

Mathcad license login screen (

The next screen collects your Product Code. This can be found in your confirmation letter from PTC, which is emailed to the address provided in the order. If you have requested your Home Use license, or upgrading from an old Single User license, make sure to check the appropriate box:

Mathcad additional license information screen (

Another improvement in the Prime 2.0 licensing process is that the License Wizard detects the versions of Mathcad on your machine, and offers to license all of them through this one step. Select the versions you want a license file for, and click ‘Acquire License’:

Mathcad acquire license screen (

And that’s it! Mathcad validates your Product Code and login information, retrieves your license file, and automatically activates the software:

final Mathcad license screen (

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14 thoughts on “Mathcad Licensing – Part 3”

  1. Leslie Deck says:

    I own a licensed single user copy of MC15 and just renewed my maintenence agreement. I would like to try Prime 2 and I understand I am permitted a licensed version of Prime. I downloaded Prime 2 and tryed to licence it but I dont know what to put into the product code box. Can you tell me?

    Also, my MC15 version is M005 and I’d like to upgrade to M010 – hwo do I do that? Should I license that seperately or together using the license wizard option?


  2. Les, those are excellent questions. All active maintenance customers have access to Mathcad versions from 14.0 – Prime 2.0 (including all maintenance releases) through our Electronic Software Download (ESD) tool here: Once you are logged in to this tool (it requires your account to be upgraded, so we can validate you are active on maintenance), you can download and install 15.0 M010. You will also see a document under the Prime 2.0 directory with very important licensing instructions on how to retrieve your existing Mathcad license and make it work with Prime 2.0.

    As for licensing both Prime 2.0 and 15.0 M010 together, I will contact you via email to provide the necessary credentials for the License Wizard.

  3. says:

    I use v14 at work and I have a personnel licensed copy for use at home (currently my company has not extended the home use licenses for employee’s home computers). I would like to purchase an upgrade for Prime 2.0 for my personnel license. I understand from the blog that I should be able to continue to use v14 in addition to P2.0. Is this correct? I plan to get the first years maintenance support with the upgrade (at present it is at no cost). However, if after the maintenance support runs out (maintenance support is a little steep for personnel use) will I be able to install Prime and v14/v15 on a new machine in the event it becomes necessary? I was able to do that with the v14 license.


    1. Artis, you are correct that, once you upgrade your Mathcad 14.0 individual license to Prime 2.0, you’ll be able to run both versions on your personal computer. However, I do want to make one related point – since you’ll be going back and forth between versions, you will need to upgrade your 14.0 to 15.0 M010 in order to get the Mathcad worksheet conversion utility. There is no extra cost to do this – once you upgrade 14.0 to Prime 2.0 and become active on maintenance, you are entitled to download BOTH Prime 2.0 and 15.0 M010 from out Electronic Software Download tool here: Once you have both 15.0 M010 and Prime 2.0 installed on your personal computer, you will be able to convert legacy worksheets and move back and forth between versions.

      As to your second question – if you should become inactive on maintenance (you don’t renew in year 2), you will still be able to move your license file from one computer to another should that be necessary. What you will lose is the ability to download other versions of Mathcad, new maintenance releases and major version updates, as well as access to Technical Support and your Home Use license.

  4. JackPE says:

    I have the single user license for Mathcad 13 (CD and product key) but I have not installed it on my computer since it is not compatible with Windows 7. I’m considering upgrading to Mathcad Prime. What will be the installation procedure to insure eligibility for upgrade from version 13 to Prime 2.0?

    1. Jack, to upgrade a Single User license to Mathcad Prime 2.0 you will need to present the product code for v13 you have in two places – when you make your purchase, and when you install Prime 2.0. It is not required to have v13 installed in order to upgrade; you will be prompted for your prior version product code by the Prime 2.0 License Wizard.

  5. Hakan Bjurstrom says:

    When I press the Get License-button there is an error message saying that Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. I now use a Trial License. How can I get my permanent license, which I have purchased?

    Grateful for any help,

    1. Hakan, we have an online installation and licensing support tool that can be found here: Please submit your request for help, and we’ll make sure an engineer reaches out to help resolve your issue.

  6. Nils says:


    Great guide! If you have a floating license and the user of this license isn´t the same engineer all the time. Is there a simple way toggeling between floating license and Mathcad Express at start up? Im thinking something like the promt you can get with Creo Parametric at start up to toggle between different license types?

    1. Nils, if you are connecting Mathcad Express to a floating license it will be the full Mathcad Prime 2.0 version. If all floating licenses are in use (none are available for your copy to use) then Mathcad will automatically open in Express mode. There is no need to ‘toggle’ between the two – Mathcad Prime 2.0 M010 simply operates as Mathcad Express when no valid license file is found.

  7. Carlos Labiste says:

    I have licensed version of mathcad 13, originally i had 11, I recently got anew computer with windows 8, I cannot get mathcad to work, is there a number I can call to speak to someone about getting this to work

  8. Jim says:

    Thanks, I can’t seem to get a trial license for the MathCad 15 downloaded from the PTC website. I constantly receive a 401 Unauthorised error.

    I don’t have a PTC account – the installation did not require me to create one.

    1. Jim, all users requesting a trial license through the software need a PTC basic web account. You can create one here:

      Another option is to request a manual trial license through our Mathcad Case Logger here: You will still need a PTC basic web account to use this tool.

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