How Kinect is Changing the World of Retail

Kinect – something both fashionistas AND gamers might want for Christmas?

As the holidays are approaching, Microsoft Kinect is on many people’s wish lists, including my own. If you are not familiar, Kinect is a motion-sensing device for the Xbox game system. It allows the gamer to play games without a controller.

However, Kinect is not just for gamers anymore.

In June 2011, Microsoft released a software development kit which will allows .NET developers to design Kinect apps. In early 2012, Microsoft will release the Kinect for Windows commercial program. This will open up a whole new world (again).

Here are some real-world examples of how Kinect is changing how we shop:

Nordstrom used Kinect to tie in the “writing with light” concept for its storefront. In its downtown Seattle flagship store, it created an interactive visual display that allows passersby to literally write on the wall.

TopShop set up Kinect so customers could try on clothes without actually having to try them on. Who needs dressing rooms anyway?

FaceCake Swivel is using smartphones and Kinect to allow customers to recreate the entire shopping experience. You can try on a dress, change the background, scan for more product information, take a picture of the complete look and share it on Facebook. (Note: I love the guy “trying on” a wedding dress in a chapel, too funny.)

Other companies are using Kinect to:

  • Create 3D full body scans to use for custom patterns
  • Try on accessories
  • Design a showroom (or workroom) floor based on how people really move

Retail isn’t the only industry taking advantage of this technology. Hospitals, banks, automotive dealers, and other businesses are all using Kinect to create better experiences for all. Check out Kinect Effect for more.

Microsoft Kinect was designed in Creo. For more information visit the Creo Resource Center.

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