McLaren Unveils Multi-Million-Dollar Factory for its Supercars

A new £50m ($78m) factory to build McLaren supercars has been officially opened in Surrey, United Kingdom, by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Prime Minister David Cameron opened the new 32,000-square-meter production center which is alongside the McLaren Technology Center headquarters, also home to the group’s Formula 1 team.

All of McLaren‘s high-performance models will be built at the new factory, creating up to 350 highly-skilled jobs.

“We exist to go faster; to be state-of-the-art; to innovate; to perform with belief, flair and passion; to be the absolute best at what we do,” said McLaren chairman, Ron Dennis. “McLaren is built on the founding principles of good design and solid, seamlessly efficient engineering and manufacturing.”

The new MP4-12C sports car—built using F1 technology and already sold out for the first year of production—will be made in the factory.

Watch a documentary following Formula One racing team McLaren as it builds the MP4-12C, using some of its cutting-edge F1 technology (currently only available to UK residents and can only be viewed until  21:59 Sunday, 4th December 2011).

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