How to Use the Brand-New Online Mathcad Support Center

In last week’s blog, one of the tools I pointed out was our brand-new, online Mathcad Support Center. Today I want to walk you through what this tool can do.

The tool was designed to answer the most frequently-asked questions we get about installation and licensing. Because Mathcad has gone through so much transition on this front, from being acquired and adopting a new licensing technology to migrating the Single User model to a maintenance-entitlement model, different tools have been necessary to support the different models. Customers were rightly getting confused on which model best fit their circumstances. Once we got them to the right destination, it’s been an easy matter to get the problem resolved.

So, the first thing any PTC customer needs before interacting with our website is a basic web account. The first page of the Mathcad Support Center provides options to create an account, upgrade it if you are an active maintenance customer, check your status, or reset your password. If you already have an account, you simply move to the next page.

The second page determines whether you are an Enterprise, Single User, or Trial user. Don’t let the word ‘Enterprise’ put you off – a significant number of our Enterprise customers are individual users in small companies. It is simply our term to define customers on the maintenance entitlement model, as opposed to the Single User (non-maintenance) model.

Mathcad Support Center - Select the Mathcad product you purchased

Mathcad Support Center - Select the Mathcad product you purchased

Once a product type has been selected, the next step is to indicate whether the issue type is installation, licensing, or both. Both issue types are described and defined so the proper selection can be made. However, we will re-route your case appropriately if you happen to make an incorrect selection. Here is what this screen looks like for an Enterprise customer:

Mathcad Support Center - Enterprise Choice

Mathcad Support Center - Enterprise Choice

If you choose Licensing as an Enterprise customer, you’ll be presented with additional options depending on what you’d like to do with your license: retrieve an already existing license file, configure (set up) a new license file, move a license file to a new computer, or retrieve your Home Use license if currently active on maintenance. If you’re not sure, simply select ‘Other’ – you’ll have the opportunity to describe your problem in a free-form field.

Mathcad Support Center - Enterprise Licensing

Mathcad Support Center - Enterprise Licensing

And that’s it – depending on the problem you are trying to resolve, you will either be directed to the appropriate web tool for self-service, or asked for additional details so we can open a case and route it to the proper support team. By consolidating the entry point for all these various options, we hope to make it easier for you – the Mathcad customer – to receive better service and get up and running on your software more quickly!

If you’ve used the new tool and would like to share your thoughts on it, please leave a comment below!

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5 thoughts on “How to Use the Brand-New Online Mathcad Support Center”

  1. rnm says:

    Is MATHCAD 14 compatible with Vista and Windows 7 PRO with 64 bit. How can I use mathcad on computers to access more than 3 or 4 gb memory.

    thanks, customer

  2. Bettina Giemsa says:

    rnm –

    Mathcad 14.0 was not qualified on WIN 7 (WIN 7 support started with Mathcad 15.0), but on Vista 64 bit. However, Mathcad 14.0, 15.0 and Mathcad Prime 1.0 only run as 32-bit applications on 64-bit platforms. And because they run as 32-bit applications, they all cannot use more than 3GB of memory. Hope this helps!


  3. Nick S. says:

    PTC (Mathcad) Support is the quickest way to a heart attack. (1) PTC does not provide phone support to individual licenses. (2) PTC online support, when it works, which is only about 30% of the time, per my observation, only wants to create a case number and promises to get back to you… (3 days later and counting – I still did not hear back from them, in spite of 2 active case numbers that I have opened.) (3) If you try to call the support center they either put you into the loop that eventually informs you that “do not provide phone support to individual licenses, please refer to our online support” or put you into their India office where people think they can talk English; after 40 min of wait time you got a person you can’t understand a single word he is saying and after another 20 min you got to someone who does – he will inform you that this is a wrong department and that he will connect me to the right department … back to India… and finally either connect you to the number that does not answer or simply hang up on you. Of course, all of this being recorded “to ensure the highest quality of service possible…”. (4) And did I mention that I have paid $240.00 for “PTC Global Maintenance Program”, which “…ensures uninterrupted access to all of the entitlements of the PTC Support System: – 24 x 5 Technical Phone Support; – 24 x 7 Online Support and Productivity Tools”? All I wanted to do was to reinstall the Mathcad on the computer that crushed – I had to make an urgent update to the customer that should take me no more that few minutes.
    Are you people serious when you talk about service? When someone does get a heart attack – note, it is not a question of “if” but “when” – you are going to have a multimillion dollar law suit on your hand. Consider yourself warned…

  4. Nick, thank you for your feedback. We get frustrated as well when our systems don’t seem to work correctly to get you to the support you need. We’ve identified the reason you were routed to the ‘no phone support’ queue, and are looking to address it as soon as possible. I’m glad you now have Mathcad up and running.

    And if you have further questions, just let us know and we’ll get in contact with you personally.

    1. jeremy kuhn says:

      please call me, jdkuhndog, benn trying to get answers!!! does mathcad work with any voice activated software?? 610-385-6061????????????

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