Luxury Razor Sells For One Hundred Thousand Dollars

Over the course of a man’s life, he will run through the morning ritual of shaving his mug anywhere from ten to twenty thousand times. Check my math [Average number of times a man shaves per week (3-7) times the number of weeks in a year (52) times the number of years a man is eligible to shave (U.S. male life expectancy (75) minus males’ rite of passage age (14) = 61)].

Now, how much does the average male spend on razors? My rough estimate: $4,758. Again, check my very crude math [The number of weeks in a year (52) divided by the number of weeks a single razor lasts (2) times the average cost of a single razor ($3) times the number of eligible years (61)].

That’s a big chunk of change to spend on razors. Or is it? Zafirro, a company based out of Portland, Oregon, has a unique product line; razors made of iridium, a rare metal only found in meteorites and artificial sapphires. Because of its durability, iridium is primarily used in rocket engine components. The razor can survive a plunge in lava. The blade—which will never rust—is 5000 times thinner than a human hair and by the sound of it, sharp enough to cut Superman’s whiskers. The cost? $100,000.

“The marketing is being targeted at limited edition luxury product collectors and early adopters who appreciate extremely well made products, regardless of their cost.” says Hayden Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer at Zafirro.

The razor’s design is exquisite; sleek, simple and silvery-white. It’s reminiscent of a Star Wars spacecraft, which is befitting considering the origin of the material to manufacture it.

“To launch our new blades, our aim was to create one of the most impressive consumer products ever made,” Hamilton says, “something that could be equally at home in a Smithsonian technology exhibit or MOMA design exhibition.”

Well, I think I’ll leave this product to the museum curators and the super-rich.

Is it worth it? Would you pay $100,000 for a close shave worthy of the Man of Steel?


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8 thoughts on “Luxury Razor Sells For One Hundred Thousand Dollars”

  1. Luis says:

    Yes, I would. Not having to worry about another razor for the rest of your life! It’s the perfect product. If all manufacturers would have such lofty goals.

    1. Dan Marotta says:


      I guess as a common man, it all comes down to the time value of money. Do you get that addition to the house, pay for your kid’s college education or never have a five o’clock shadow again?

      Thanks for the note.

  2. There is considerable spending like this going on with the few Chinese super wealthy we see and are being held up as an example of “China’s booming economy” (not really the case). Here in Vancouver some luxury pet birds were being illegally bred, and there is also the infamous Lamborghini smashing video on YouTube. We will see more rarefied products like this as the capital migrates to just a handful of people.

    1. Dan Marotta says:

      Interesting and you’re probably right. I just wish I was one of them.

      Thanks for your message tarotworldtour.


  3. sudheendra says:

    Some of the products like dresses, shoes, and brushes we cannot use for long run. When products are ready to serve our purpose for long time, because we always wish to use new products every time. $100,000 for razor is too costly irrespective of material and result. To serve our purpose in day to day to activities we require product which is available easily and affordable, not showcase piece.

    1. Dan Marotta says:

      Indeed sudheendra. For those who can afford it, will purchase it. Those who can not, will stick with their regular routine of disposable razors.

  4. Nick says:

    What about 61 years of inflation or having an extra for your travel bag? I mean $100,000 razor is too expensive to lose because airport employees suck at their job. (just the ones that suck not the cool ones that make every effort to make sure your luggage gets on the same plane as you do.) I mean this figure of just under $5000 does account for that or even if you use cheap razors or expensive razors. As far as I’m concerned there needs to be at least a spectrum of amounts people spend in their lifetime.

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