Mathcad Licensing – Part 2

I’m back! My first blog on the Mathcad 15.0 licensing process generated such excitement and enthusiasm that I was called for an encore….

Well, not really. Unfortunately we get enough questions about how to get a new license, or regenerate an old license, or how to move a license from one computer to another, and many other frequently asked questions that it makes sense for me to review the most common situations here. So off we go, to get Mathcad licensed properly and you using the software!

Single User installation and license support

If you are still on a Single User version from 11 – 14.0, there are online tools to request help. Our goal is to ensure users on these versions are able to access and use the software, so we provide assistance for both installation and licensing issues. This tool can be accessed here; you will need a Basic Account and your product code to submit your request (and your request code if on version 11 – 13).

License type transition from Single User to Professional and Educational (maintenance-bearing)

As mentioned in my earlier blog, PTC completed the transition from offering a Single User license type to offering only a maintenance-bearing license type with the introduction of Mathcad 15.0. There are many benefits of owning this license type, both for you and for PTC. One of your benefits is being able to access your customer information online, 24×7, and manage your license file: view which computer it is currently assigned to, move it from one computer to another, or request a copy of the license file if your copy is damaged or lost.

You can access your customer information online through our Business Summary Web Tool. You will need to upgrade your Basic Account to a Customer Support account first – this upgrade process associates your web account login with a specific customer, so we ensure that you, and only you, have online access to your customer information. To upgrade your Basic Web account, have your customer number, Sales Order Number (SON) or Service Contract Number (SCN) available and browse here.

Where do I find my Sales Order Number (SON) and Customer Number?

When every software order is booked by PTC a Software Order Fulfillment Confirmation (previously known as a Shipment Confirmation) is sent to the email address submitted with the order. Here is what this document looks like:

Finding the Sales Order Number

Your customer # and Sales Order # (SON) are indicated on this document, highlighted above in red.

Reconfigure software licenses

Do you need to move your license from one computer to another? Do you need to de-install a license from a computer no longer in service? Do you need to reconfigure your license server configuration? Our Reconfigure Software Licenses tool allows you full control over your Professional license. Here is a look at the first step in this tool:

Managing your license

For example, if you are a Professional – Individual user and you want to move your license (either primary or Home Use) from one computer to another, you would select Move Licenses from a Single Server to a Single Server.

This tool also requires a Customer Support web account. See the instructions above for upgrading your Basic Account.

Prime 1.0 Options overview

In our continuing efforts to simplify retrieving and managing your Mathcad license, Prime 1.0 introduces the Mathcad Options dialog. Accessed by clicking on the Mathcad orb in the upper left corner of the software, then selecting Mathcad Options, the License tab summarizes your current license state. Information shown includes:

The options dialog
  • What type of license you have installed, when it was issued and when it expires (if a term or trial license)
  • Whether your current status is Valid or Invalid
  • Your PTC Host ID
  • Where your license file resides, whether on a server (float license) or a local file (Individual license)
  • Get License and Get Trial License tools. Get License will launch the Mathcad License Setup wizard, which is an improved version of this tool from Mathcad 15.0. We have updated the instructions inside the tool to make it easier to submit the correct information needed to retrieve your license.

To view a 4 ½ minute video of the entire license acquisition and configuration process for Prime 1.0, click here.

Can I run Mathcad 15.0 and Prime 1.0 side-by-side?

Yes! Both versions of Mathcad can be installed on the same machine, and activated by the same license file. This configuration greatly assists migrating legacy worksheets from 15.0 M005 (required for conversion) to Prime 1.0, as you can have both versions open at the same time and compare worksheets side-by-side.

If you’d like to see a flow, screen by screen, of the Mathcad License Setup wizard view this document.

Many other frequently asked questions about Mathcad licensing can be found here.

We hope these improvements and online tools make it easier for you to get up and running with Mathcad, whether you are on Prime 1.0 or an earlier version. As always, please let us know what additional improvements you’d like to see.

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