Wikipeaks: Santa Uses Mathcad to Make Naughty or Nice List

Just searching the web for silly Christmas videos to watch on a quiet day. The search Mathcad Santa brought me straight to an unusual website called Wikipeaks. I’d never heard of it before and apparently it is now off the internet. There is a rumor that the entire organization disappeared — only a sleigh bell was found in their now vacant offices.

Before this all occurred I was able to capture this image:

The pilfered list

This easy to understand code is clearly a Mathcad function to determine who has been naughty or nice.  The program generates lists of names and scores before sorting the population into two groups, Naughty or Nice.

The files available on Wikipeaks showed evidence that Santa relies on an extensive network of observers to generate his lists. Wikipeaks’s evidence showed that lists are being made while we are sleeping, as well as awake. Before the disappearance of the WikiPeaks site, I was able to access the behavior list for the Mathcad Business Unit:

Against all odds, I captured data, too!

I am not sure what the numbers in the table measure, but I was able to reproduce the Naughty or Nice Program on my computer. Testing the program with the Mathcad Business Unit data revealed the following results:

In Mathcad, processing is a cinch.

Overall, a pretty good year for the Mathcad Business Unit. We’ll be checking in with Norm, Kyle, and Miguel in 2011 to try to get them back in Santa’s good graces.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season from the Mathcad Education Program.

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