Mathcad with SharePoint – Engineering Collaboration

Our Director of Product Development, Jakov Kucan, had a few spare minutes this week (can you believe it?).  So I asked him to create a quick demo showing how to use Mathcad worksheets with Microsoft SharePoint – an application that makes it easier for people to work together by sharing information.  Mathcad 15.0 integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, letting engineers share their documented worksheets – leading to better collaboration, standardization and best practices.

Also, we decided to forego the usual PowerPoint deck and instead posted a short video.

0:33        Set up

1:30        Publishing/Saving a worksheet to SharePoint

2:20        Results of saving a worksheet to SharePoint

2:26        Seeing document history/changes in SharePoint

There’s plenty information on Mathcad 15 if you want to learn more.

How about you – how do you share Mathcad worksheets with your peers?

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2 thoughts on “Mathcad with SharePoint – Engineering Collaboration”

  1. mcrist says:

    This isn’t a capabilty of Mathcad, and there is nothing special about what is shown in the video. This is a basic capabilitiy of Windows provided by the File Open dialog. Any windows based application that uses the Windows provided file open dialog can do the exact same thing. There is no integration here.

    What is needed is the ability to render Mathcad sheets in Sharepoint in the same fashion as Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents are rendered. How can I open a Mathcad document stored in Sharepoint on my iPad? How can I calculate formulas in Mathcad based on data in a Sharepoint list? How can I store the results of multiple calculations in a data source described by the business intelligence center? How can I have specific graphs rendered in web parts on a Sharepoint page? These are integrations between Mathcad and Sharepoint.

    1. Alan Belniak says:

      Your points are certainly valid. At the moment, Mathcad doesn’t support anything like a Google Docs or Office Live model (true online-/cloud-based storage and multi-person simultaneous collaboration) The Mathcad Product Management and development teams are indeed looking into these aspects in the long-term road map, but they don’t have any concrete release date in mind yet. I’m not sure how long you’ve been around Mathcad, but sometime ago, we had the Mathcad Calculation Server. It offered a bit of what you are seeking, though we ultimately deprecated it because of [a] poor adoption and [b] stability. We’ve been hearing more requests like yours, so that’s why we’re in the “let’s reconsider it” stage.

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