IT Drives Next Wave of Products and Manufacturing

IT Drives Next Wave of Products and Manufacturing

New research, published today in Harvard Business Review online, shows how IT and smart, connected products will transform the manufacturing sector. The study, a collaboration between Jim Heppelmann, CEO of Boston-based tech company PTC, and Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, takes a deep dive into what its authors term “the third wave of IT-driven transformation” and uncovers the myriad ways in which manufacturers …

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This 76-Year-Old Boeing Engineer Just Won’t Quit

Angelo Truncale_Boeing

After more than three decades at Boeing, Angelo Truncale is still engineering and sharing stories of the Apollo moon landing with his younger counterparts. “I’m retired, but I still go into the office four to five hours a day, two to three times a week. When I stop having fun, I’ll stop coming back.” The 76-year-old engineer is a missile navigation systems …

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Standardizing Tech’s New Wild West, the IoT

According to futurists like Google’s Ray Kurzweil, the rate of technological innovation is accelerating. Kurzweil’s theory suggests the Internet of Things (IoT) will mature much faster than the evolution of the traditional Internet. Much of the requisite technology—including sensors, chips, transmitter, and app development environments already exists today. Toolkits are available to fast-track development for startups and DYI “makers.” As I mentioned …

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Germany’s Challenge with Industrie 4.0


Smart, Internet-connected systems in the Internet of Things (IoT) and technological advancements in areas like robotics is making manufacturing more automatic, digitized, intelligent, and networked. Germany, a country where manufacturing represents about 24 percent of overall economic performance, realized the potential of connected devices early on. In 2011, the government launched its Industrie 4.0 initiative; a high-tech strategy which promotes the …

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“Landmarks” List Gives Credit to History’s Faceless Engineers

Sholes & Glidden typewriter

German-born clock maker Mathias Schwalbach played a vital role in perfecting one of the world’s most innovative and iconic pieces of technology. He lived to be 86, but that wasn’t long enough to get widespread public recognition for his contribution. With eight patents to his credit, Schwalbach helped engineer the first commercially successful typewriter in 1870s Milwaukee, which not only vastly transformed the …

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Vancouver Claims Position as Newest, Hottest Tech Hub

Vancouver tech hub

Earlier this year Bloomberg Businessweek proclaimed Vancouver to be “the new tech hub”. The publication notes that Vancouver has experienced a major increase in the number of technology startups and an influx of tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, SAP, and which recently opened development offices. “Vancouver is absolutely a legitimate tech hub,” agrees Tyler Douglas, chief marketing officer at Vision …

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Tesla Opens World’s Largest Battery Plant

Electric Car Maker Telsa Announces Nevada Site For New Battery Factory

Tesla recently announced its plans to build the world´s largest and most advanced battery factory in Nevada. It goal is to have 50 GwH in annual battery production by 2020,  enough power for 500, 000 Tesla cars. Over 6,000 jobs are expected to be created at the new Gigafactory, along with accelerated economic growth in the surrounding area. Nevada has offered a substantial …

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Can the IoT Reduce Your Clutter?

Declutter with IoT

Over the past 30 years, the square footage of American homes has increased by over 50 percent. There’s a lot to unpack in that statistic, from urban migration to income to personal tastes, but when we consider the sheer amount of stuff we cram into our homes it’s hardly surprising. In fact, we have greatly increased our household possessions, and …

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3D Printed #CAST Customized Using Social Media


Breaking an arm and getting stuck wearing a cast is never fun. Not only are they usually big, heavy eyesores, but casts also tend to be made of non-breathable plaster or fiberglass, which leads to an almost unbearable itchiness and smell for the person wearing it. Luckily, the ever-increasing use of 3D printing technology, especially in the medical field, has …

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Blooming Amazing: Life Grows Under Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic melt ponds

This spring, scientists, crew, and guests—including an elementary school teacher from Palo Alto, CA—set sail from Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy bound for the Arctic. A voyage so early in the season is unusual, risky even, but could shed new light on a mystery dating back to 2011. It was then, in the Chukchi Sea, …

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