Harvard’s Kilobots Collaborate, Self-Organize

Harvard faculty members recently unveiled a swarm of tiny robots, dubbed “kilobots.” The swarm consists of 1,024 members, each unit about the size of an after-dinner mint with three miniature legs. These self-organizing robots hint at the future of collective intelligence and an Internet of cooperative things. Scientists can submit a command for the swarm to collectively assume a shape, …

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Software Critical to Smart-Products Manufacturing

Smart Products Manufacturing

In my previous post, Manufacturers Reshape for Smart-Product Future, I discussed how and why consumers are demanding smarter, connected products. It’s this demand that’s created an explosion of software and networks. New technologies, applications, and devices are spanning across all types of industries from aerospace and defense, agriculture, and automotive to high-tech, medical devices, and many more. Did you know that there are …

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Top 5 Most Underrated Careers of 2014

Underrated jobs_engineering

The Stephen Kings and Don Drapers of the world are pretty rare. Advertising executives don’t have the time for impromptu trips to fabulous locations or to gently hatch catchy slogans for weeks on end, and publishers aren’t lining up to read your next hot novel. Also, lawyers mostly don’t look like Lucy Liu. A new study from—a California-based job search portal specializing in …

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Manufacturers Reshape for Smart-Product Future

Software enabled innovation

Software is changing the way we connect, interact and conduct business; and it’s changing on a global scale. Embedded software has existed for some time, but with the emergence of smart, connected products, manufacturers are having to reshape their business models to take advantage of new opportunities. Products today are no longer just physical or mechanical; they often have sensors and …

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Beyond Consumer Gadgets, What’s Next for the IoT?

IoT consumer and commercial

Gartner may have placed the Internet of Things (IoT) at the top of its 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report, but it still projects a $1.9 trillion market and 26 billion smart connected products by 2020. That’s rapid growth. Over the next five years the IoT will shift from buzzword to mainstream, but what does that really mean? Smart, connected …

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Smart Chopsticks Alert Diners to Bad Food

Smart chopsticks

The Internet of Things is coming to your dinner table. Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is serving up an interesting menu of smart products. This September at the Baidu World Conference the company introduced one of its new gadgets, smart chopsticks named Kuaisou. The chopsticks have sensors to detect food’s contamination level. The need for a product like this is significant …

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Nanocomposites: Tough and Strong Next-Gen Materials


Composites date back to 1500 B.C., when early Egyptians and Mesopotamians mixed straw with mud and formed adobe to build their homes. The straw gave the mixture structure and strength, while the mud bound it together and held the straw in place. With the discovery of plastic in the early 1900s, modern composites were able to be produced. Fiber Reinforced …

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The Internet of Things Helps Battle Water Shortages


Santa Clarita City in California retrofitted its antiquated irrigation controllers, sprinkling water throughout 700 acres of parks, medians, and other cityscape and saving more than 180 million gallons of water. The new system incorporated sophisticated sensors and data analytics, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to keep lawns — and municipal goals — green. The ValleyCrest Landscape Companies performed the …

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5 Key Challenges Manufacturers Face with the IoT

SCP manufacturing

The transformation of manufacturing around smart, connected products and the IoT is not a question of if, but when, and manufacturers have hard-earned advice for newcomers considering a move towards building, operating, and supporting these new technologies. Cisco sizes the IoT (Internet of Things) as a $19 trillion market opportunity, delivering new value to customers through an extended product life and …

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Fans Track NFL Players through Shoulder-Pad Sensors

NFL Player Tracking

The National Football League is a fast-paced, highly competitive juggernaut, and Fantasy Football has become a national pastime, with casual fans partaking in leagues every year. The ability to get statistics, analysis, and content in real-time has proven immensely popular with fans, and now the NFL may have found a new way to get fans even more involved in the …

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